Smart Government Frequently Asked Questions

Our evolving use case library provides a wealth of ways in which your department can benefit from SimplyCast's hyperautomation tools. Simply identify which tasks can be streamlined and then implement the best use case for the job.

Use cases offer automated solutions to everyday problems. For example: by having use cases in place ahead of time, you can launch templated messages and alerts at the click of a button rather than having your staff communicate manually. This is especially important in emergencies, where concise communication and immediate tactical reactions minimize damage and save lives.

We research government departments and consult with people in every role to understand the challenges they face daily. Our experts identify opportunities for automation and then standardize them as new use cases, which are made available to our smart governments at no extra cost.

Our use cases are based on real issues governments face and have been tailored to help improve your staff’s work life balance and their support of the public. Streamline repetitive tasks, communication, data collection, emergency responses, and more with the convenience only our hyperautomation technology can provide.

  • Smart Government Incident Management optimizes your emergency response with a variety of configuration options.
  • Our Smart Government Evacuation Alerts use case helps you template alerts and instructions ahead of time to keep communications consistent and clear.
  • Smart Government Issue Tracking oversees small-scale issues from start to finish with forms and reports.

  • Our Smart Government IT Request Process use case improves the management of IT requests, freeing up staff to focus on resolving issues rather than manually communicating or managing their status.
  • Smart Government Staff Onboarding equips new hires with the tools and answers they need to perform their jobs with confidence.
  • Smart Government Modular Training keeps your staff’s skills up to date and allows you to track their progress.

  • Smart Government Event Information Sharing gives the public important information about upcoming events and events they are currently attending.
  • Smart Government Facility Check-in keeps your facilities protected by managing staff and visitor check-ins at various security levels.
  • Smart Government Toxic Substance Reporting and Smart Government Hazardous Materials & Lethal Substances Reporting allow residents who discover needles, chemical spills, or other dangerous substances to easily report them.
  • Our Smart Government Digital Adoption Program use case supports government programs that assist organizations with the adoption of digital technology.
  • Our Smart Government QR Code Documents use case utilizes QR codes to simplify document sharing.

  • Our Smart Government Digital Business Cards use case digitizes your business cards, allowing you to instantly update your information and keep track of interested contacts.
  • Smart Government Meeting Feedback catalogues meeting points and feedback with surveys and automatically generated reports.
  • Smart Government Agenda Time Management timelines your meetings to keep discussions on track and sends reminders about regular meetings and events.

SimplyCast offers an array of software integrations, a robust API, and options for SFTP, meaning smart governments can securely connect their existing solutions with our platform as needed.

Additionally, our Maps application works with ArcGIS and HERE maps and can import KML files directly.

SimplyCast has achieved certification in ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, and TX-Ramp Level 2, owns data centers in the US and Canada, and is trusted by governments and organizations worldwide.

For smart governments, SimplyCast offers the "appliance model", which allows governments to maintain full data sovereignty.

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