What is SimplyCast 360?

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SimplyCast 360 is an all-in-one automated solution for customer flow communication. It makes it easy to reach out to your customers with personalized communication campaigns that focus on their individual needs, preferences, and history.


You can engage your customers over multiple channels of communication, such as email, text messaging, voicemail, fax and social media. You can also easily create and distribute online surveys and signup forms. All through a single solution with a drag and drop interface.


There is no need to deal with multiple providers for all your marketing needs, and SimplyCast 360 allows you to present a consistent branded message across all channels.


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SimplyCast 360 FAQs


Do I need a programmer to create messages or schedule a campaign with SimplyCast 360?


No! SimplyCast 360 is meant to be easy for anyone to use. It features a drag and drop interface so it is easy to add the elements you need even if you are not skilled technically. You simply click on the element you want to add and drag it into the editing area. You can connect elements by pulling built-in arrows from one element to another.


Messages are easy to create and also use drag and drop functionality. Our editor is a “what you see is what you get” editor, so you see exactly how your message will look to your customers as you are creating it.


Scheduling a campaign to send is also a simple process. You pick your time and date from a calendar and select a list of contacts to send to.


Once your messages are created and scheduled, you’re good to go!


Can SimplyCast 360 be integrated with my business’s internal data management system?


Yes. SimplyCast 360 can be integrated with your own data software so that it can send messages based on internal triggers that are listed in your system, such as customers’ birthdays or purchase dates.


How does SimplyCast 360 save me time?


SimplyCast 360 makes the entire customer communication process easier and more efficient, while at the same time helping to provide a more personalized experience for customers.


SimplyCast 360 can send out reminders and personalized promotions to each customer based on individual dates that are relevant to them. That means that you don’t have to worry about reminding a customer of their appointment. SimplyCast 360 has already sent them a prompt text message, email or voicemail reminder!


SimplyCast 360 can also send messages automatically based on customer actions. If a customer clicks a particular link in an email, for example, the solution can send that customer a follow-up email based on that link, without you having to do any work.


We have lots of informative blog posts, like this one about the automotive customer communication process, showing you how SimplyCast 360 can be used for different industries and multiple purposes. Check them out to learn more!


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