Rapid Testing Kit Distribution

Rapid Testing Kit Distribution

Rapid Testing Kit Distribution


  • Chambers of commerce and other testing kit distributors have a lot they need to track when it comes to distributing these kits. The main thing they need is a straightforward method to collect necessary agreements and requests, as well as to get records of testing results.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of a Rapid Testing Kit Distribution use case, a complete response to handling the logistics of rapid testing kit distribution.

We Can Help

  • Minimize the amount of work needed
  • Ensure external interactions are recorded
  • Nurture prospects for the best possible results

Here's How

By using a series of forms with specific email messages attached to them, chambers of commerce are able to offer this service with ease and help track COVID-19 outbreaks in the workplace.

  1. Program Signup

    An online form can be set up to accept application submissions, either by using the form itself for the whole application or by making use of a file upload option to allow for the collection of signatures or documents, as needed.

  2. Place Orders

    Once a chamber member has been approved for the program, they can fill out a form to submit testing kit orders – either for one-off orders, or recurring orders which will be ongoing on a weekly (or longer) basis.

  3. Schedule Pickup

    Once an order has been confirmed, members can be directed to a preferred scheduling tool to schedule a time to collect the testing kits – again, based on whether they have a recurring need or a one-off requirement.

  4. Report Results

    Companies are easily able to fill out an online form as frequently as is required by regulation. The form can be fully customized to fit with local regulations, ensuring that chambers collect exactly the data they need to.

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Use Case Identification for Rapid Testing Kit Distribution

Use Case ID: OUC075


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