Vaccination Attestation

Vaccination Attestation

Vaccination Attestation


  • Companies need to identify vaccinated and unvaccinated staff members due to increasingly strict regulations regarding shared workplaces and indoor spaces in general. A swift solution is necessary to confirm vaccinations quickly and effectively.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of the Vaccination Attestation use case, a complete solution for making it easy for administrators to leverage managers and workers to handle the verification of vaccination statuses of employees and record them through a digital attestation system.

We Can Help

  • Keep an attested record of staff’s vaccination statuses without needing to store direct medical records.
  • Allow all staff to attest to their vaccination status without having to manage a large manual process.
  • Make use of a solution that can adapt to your organization’s specific polices or regional requirements.

Here's How

By leveraging emails to employees and collecting information through online forms, to using automation tools to confirm the information provided with management, this facilitates data organization for easy assessment of vaccination statuses.

  1. Self-Attestation

    Employees can be sent an email linking them to a self-attestation form that allows them to attest their vaccination status. Instructions on this form will tell them to show their proof of vaccination to their manager ahead of confirmation. Reminders can be sent using decisions to track completion.

  2. Manager Verification

    Once a staff member has completed their self-attestation, their manager is notified and asked to confirm that they’ve seen the proof of vaccination for that staff member. Upon manager completion of verification, a flag is added to the employee database.

  3. Un-Vaccinated Process

    Automation and task assignation can help produce a procedure for un-vaccinated staff based on company policy.

  4. Adaptability

    Ensuring your tools are adaptable and can be adjusted on the fly to the shifting landscape of public health requirements is of utmost importance. Part of the process of setting up such a solution is making sure your solution can change as required.

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Use Case Identification for Vaccination Attestation

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