Vaccination Verification

Vaccination Verification

Vaccination Verification


  • Many governments have begun adding regulations around the use of vaccine passports and vaccination status documentation. Educational institutions are among the organizations that need to be able to effectively collect vaccination status confirmations.

    SimplyCast’s Vaccination Verification use case aims to help educational institutions verify and process vaccination records. By working with universities and colleges, SimplyCast aims to help educational institutions ensure the smoothest possible process for checking the vaccination status of students and visitors.

We Can Help

  • Process students at events quickly without needing to collect vaccination records every time
  • Easily reuse the solution if additional vaccine doses are needed
  • Ensure campus safety in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

Here's How

By providing QR-code powered forms that are easily filled out, and sending a verification message to visitors to campus, staff can easily check vaccination statuses whenever necessary. Reports are stored of each form submitted, allowing for public health reporting to be done.

  1. Easy Submission

    A simple online form that allows students and visitors to submit proof-of-vaccination records ensures these documents can be received easily.

  2. Confirm Vaccination

    Once vaccination records are received, they can be added to a pipeline to await manual review. When the vaccination status is confirmed, the record can be progressed in order to notify the student or visitor that their vaccination status has been confirmed.

  3. Check-in

    Once a student or visitor’s vaccination status has been recorded, a QR code-based form posted at event entrances, key buildings, or classes can be scanned and filled out with an email address.

  4. Data Security

    Many regions have specific regulations regarding what kind of health information can be easily accessible or retained long term.

    Where the status check page also needs to be secure, a security PIN or password can be added to allow only the student or visitor to access their own vaccination status page.

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Use Case Identification for Vaccination Verification

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