Smart City Digital Adoption Program

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Many city developers are looking for ways to implement technological advancements within businesses and have more innovative approaches throughout their city. It is often a complex process to adopt digital technology throughout various businesses and organizations. Many organizations that have already adopted these practices must manage applications, connecting businesses with technology, and the reimbursement process. With so many things to manage it is often a daunting process.

Using digital tools allows businesses and organizations to easily streamline the digital processes they are adopting, helping make the process more accessible and easier to manage.

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SimplyCast offers the Smart City Adoption Program. This is a solution which offers businesses a complete solution for enabling businesses to easily connect with experts and technology solution. This will ensure the digital adoption process runs in the most effective way possible.

This use case helps the process of digital adoption by automatically sorting qualified applicants through web forms and decisions. It will also connect program representatives with qualified applicants.

Steps to Success

  1. First an online form can be filled out allowing businesses to easily apply for the program. It will automatically create a digital record of the submission and staff can be automatically made aware of the new submission.
  2. The application will then be added to a process tracking pipeline while it goes through review. Specific criteria can also be used as filters, enabling applications to be rejected automatically if ineligible.
  3. When the application is approved, they can be put in contact with a digital advisor who will work with the business to help identify opportunities.
  4. Once the business is paired with new technology, they can fill out a digital form to submit their reimbursement claim.

Best Outcome

  • Simplify the application process.
  • Easily connect any business with advisors.
  • Create an easier reimbursement request process.
  • Notify applicants whenever their application is rejected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital adoption is adopting new technologies and innovative practices to procedures within cities, businesses, and companies while integrating digital tools and platforms into existing workflows, processes, and practices to improve efficiency, productivity, and customer experience. Digital adoption is especially relevant as cities begin to work towards becoming smart cities and continue to adopt new digital practices.  

SimplyCast offers a digital adoption program use case designed to simplify the process of implementing digital integration throughout a city. This streamlined system connects businesses and companies with technology experts to assist in integrating new technologies. Any company or business in a city can complete a sign-up form to request digital adoption, which then goes through a trackable pipeline. Once the request is approved, they will be connected with the right experts to start the integration process. This use case is just one of the ways that SimplyCast helps with smart city development. 

Digital adoption can be a challenging process for cities. One of the major hurdles is finding the right experts to meet a company's specific needs. In addition, managing numerous requests can also be overwhelming and cause delays in the digital adoption process. And identifying the best-suited technology is often a cumbersome task 

Using SimplyCast’s digital adoption program use case provides many benefits to cities as they work towards integrating new technology across the city. Some benefits that it provides include 

  • Reduced application times: By providing an easy sign-up form, businesses can quickly request a digital adoption program without investing extensive time during application. Application review is also improved by automating how the initial review occurs to automatically filter out any application that does not meet the requirements. 
  • Improves connections with technology experts: This use case ensures that a digital advisor is provided once the application is approved. This is done quickly and ensures businesses can connect with experts effectively. 
  • Reduced manual workload: By automating processes such as the initial review of applications, efforts can begin to be invested elsewhere.  
  • Improved reimbursement process: This use case enhances the process of reimbursing technology costs for businesses by allowing them to use an easy digital form to request reimbursement. This makes it easy to request reimbursement within one place and ensures that it occurs promptly.  

These are just some of the many benefits the digital adoption program use case provides to improve the digital integration process in cities.  

Digital adoption is vital for cities to ensure adaptation to changing technology can occur smoothly. By embracing digital platforms and technologies, cities can improve their efficiency and communication with residents. Digital adoption also enables cities to provide better and more accessible services to their residents. Through implementing digital adoption, cities open the door to new and innovative practices that make cities more attractive and more accessible for residents.

The digital adoption program use case follows four easy steps. 

  1. Application: To begin, a business owner must complete a digital sign-up form to express interest in a digital adoption program. Once the form is complete, it will automatically create a digital contact record used throughout the process.  
  2. Application evaluation: In this step, each application is reviewed. Automatic filtering can automatically filter out applications that do not meet a specified set of requirements. Applications that meet the requirements will be progressed forward through the manual review process to allow reviewers to quickly approve them and let them progress to the next stage.  
  3. Digital advising: Now that the application has been accepted, the business owner will be connected with a digital advisor. The advisor will identify opportunities with the business owner and the right technology during this process.  
  4. Reimbursement process: The final step is the reimbursement process. Once the business is paired with a technology solution, the company will submit another form to request reimbursement for the technology cost. This process is made more accessible by using existing records to allow the business owner only to need to add new details.  

Successful digital adoption in a city benefits residents, businesses, and local governments. This includes implementing smart city technologies to improve public safety, traffic flow, and energy efficiency, creating digital platforms to increase access to city services and information, and using data analytics to inform policy and decision-making. Ultimately, successful digital adoption in a city involves leveraging technology to enhance quality of life, promote economic growth, and create a more sustainable community. 

SimplyCast makes use of a variety of technologies to make the digital adoption program use case possible. Some critical technologies used include a tracking pipeline and forms. 

Digital adoption benefits residents in numerous ways. Digital adoption provides easier access to information and services, improves communication, saves time and effort, increases efficiency and productivity, and reduces costs. By adopting new technologies across cities, residents can benefit from accessible and innovative practices that keep the city attractive to new residents and interesting to established residents.

Digital adoption provides benefits to cities and businesses of any size. When a small business or city implements a digital adoption program, it gains efficiency, reduces costs, and improves its competitiveness through implementing effective digital strategies.