Smart City Urban Management

Challenge for


Cities have various facilities and assets that they must carefully manage. Many cities are striving to become smarter and developing better digital infrastructure. This leads to an opportunity for cities to rapidly improve their urban management. Better urban management will allow cities to improve the way they keep track of and manage all of their assets and facilities. This is possible with a digital solution. 

Solution for


SimplyCast offers the smart city urban management use case. This is a use case which allows cities to implement a new and efficient way of tracking and managing assets and facilities within cities and governments. This solution will allow you to centralize the management of city assets and locations and be able to automatically review the status of assets all across the city.  

Using a power data management system that is able to adapt to any asset will allow this all to be possible. The assets will be mapped and can have changeable icons based on their status.

Steps to Success

  1. Each asset and type will have its own digital entity. The digital entity will include all essential information about the asset.
  2. It is possible to map all of the assets and locations within one map. Users will be able to have a live overview of every managed asset within the city. Live updating will be available to make it simple to update as necessary.
  3. Using digital forms will allow users to update records directly. Manual editing is also possible. Integration is also possible to provide more advanced automation. This would occur by integrating with the city's digital infrastructure which allows records to update automatically based on incoming data from the city’s network.

Best Outcome

  • Centralize the management of all city assets and locations.
  • Automatically review the status of assets across the city using a map-level view.
  • Receive updates both manually and automatically.
  • Easily create dashboards and reports to fit the specific needs of each department.