Smart City Weather Alerts

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Weather can influence commutes, businesses, and other city operations. A snowstorm can cause severe traffic congestion, while a sunny day can have an increased humidex and UV rating. Keeping residents informed about current or extreme weather conditions can be daunting due to different networks, phone apps, and operating systems; it can be overwhelming for residents to navigate information and determine what is accurate and reliable.

Residents must stay updated on the weather to help them be better prepared and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety or help plan their day, especially if they need to change their daily routines due to weather conditions.

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SimplyCast's Smart City Weather Alerts is a digital platform that helps cities issue personalized alerts for severe weather conditions. It offers a comprehensive approach to emergency preparedness and response, including a Command Hub for real-time monitoring and management of weather alerts. Residents can sign up for alerts through a simple Form, and receive them via SMS, voice, or email. It's an efficient way for cities to keep their residents safe during severe weather.

Steps to Success

  1. Using a digital form accessible online or QR code, residents can sign up for alerts.
  2. Leverage multiple communication channels to keep residents informed with alerts for extreme weather conditions.
  3. Residents can be surveyed during extreme weather to help inform of their travel plans or specific conditions in their area.

Best Outcome

  • Simplify how residents receive alerts.
  • Send alerts with various communications.
  • Easily obtain information back from residents.
  • Resources can be deployed in specific areas.