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Smart Government Use Cases

Review the Smart Government Use Cases and see how it can benefit your government and public sector.

Use Case: Contact TracingContact Tracing
Epidemics, pandemics, and other disease outbreaks take a toll on public health. Having a solution already in place and ready to launch at a moment’s notice can expedite reopening, ensuring a faster return to normality.
Use Case: Incident ManagementIncident Management
Optimize your initial emergency response and launch emergency plans at a moment’s notice. Pair with Evacuation Alerts to add another layer of safety to your incidents and emergencies.
Use Case: Modular TrainingModular Training
Enhance your staff’s training with a process that is easy to develop and simple to update.
Use Case: Facility Check-InFacility Check-In
Manage how staff and visitors’ check-in and out of public services, from government buildings to transit and toll roads.
Use Case: Agenda Time ManagementAgenda Time Management
Reoccurring meetings, reviews, and projects? Communicate your agenda ahead of time and deliver timely notifications.
Use Case: Digital Business CardsDigital Business Cards
Business cards provide your contact information easily. Digitize them now with a scannable QR code.
Use Case: Event Information SharingEvent Information Sharing
Share information during events, promote upcoming events, and even offer live voting.
Use Case: IT Request ProcessIT Request Process
Rather than management and communication, Information Technology staff can focus on resolving issues with this streamlined solution.
Use Case: Staff OnboardingStaff Onboarding
Make onboarding a straightforward process to success by providing new staff with logging access, shared resources, and answers to common questions.
Use Case: Digital Adoption ProgramDigital Adoption Program
Deploy digital technology throughout a nation or region with our technological solution and offer grants to connect experts, organizations, and businesses to the digital age.
Use Case: Evacuation AlertsEvacuation Alerts
Disastrous events need concise and immediate communication to ensure the safe evacuation of the public. Pair with Incident Management for an integrated solution.
Use Case: Toxic Substance ReportingToxic Substance Reporting
With rising levels of overdoses comes a rise in loose needles and toxic substances. Allow residents to anonymously report overdoses, loose needles, and more.
Use Case: QR Code DocumentsQR Code Documents
Need an easier way to distribute documents to the public? Provide the service your residents deserve with QR Codes.
Use Case: Issue TrackingIssue Tracking
Whether you call it an “issue”, an “incident”, a “request”, or “trouble”, optimize its maintenance and management with hyperautomation.
Use Case: Meeting FeedbackMeeting Feedback
Gather feedback from meetings to improve their quality or content.
Use Case: Hazardous Material ReportingHazardous Material Reporting
Managing hazardous materials can be complex, especially with the constant risk of unforeseen incidents. Alert the public of nearby accidents such as chemical spills or assist residents with the handling of lethal household substances.

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