Communication automation is changing business
Clients all over the world are seeing a dramatic improvement when switching to the communication, sales and support tools we offer.
Discovery tools

Never question whether a person is a good sales prospect or engaged customer. With tools like anonymous web tracking and signup forms, you always have the answers you need.

Simple organization

Always know which leads are the best prospect and never miss a followup. The SimplyCast CRM allows you to automate your sales and support processes with pipelines, tasks, lists and tagging.

Automated communication

Never miss a beat. Through the power of SimplyCast 360, you can supercharge your customer communication with automated flows sent through email, SMS, voice broadcast, and fax communications.

Support simplified

Ensure no customer is ever left behind. Automated communications make sure that customers are always reached at the right time through the right channel.

Conversion made easy

No coding skills required! Power all of your conversions with our landing page tool. Create beautiful landing pages and easily convert customers with a built-in signup form.

Powerful analytics

Don't question your marketing. All of our tools have dedicated reporting so you can see exactly what works and optimize for the best marketing possible. On top of this, we have powerful split testing tools to ensure your campaigns are always successful.

What our clients have to say

Hear what our customers think of our product

When you decide on a marketing automation software tool, you’re not just committing to a few months of engagement. You’re committing to years of engagement. All your leads, lists and sequences will be married to the product you choose. That’s why you need to know, with certainty, that the product you choose will have your back when you really need them. And that’s why Fairhead Creative regularly chooses SimplyCast for its clients. Not because of the features they have today. But because of the support we’ll get tomorrow. When you have months (or years) of data inside a product, and you need help with something, there’s nowhere else to turn. SimplyCast picks up the phone. Their competitors don’t. That counts for a lot.
Adam Fairhead, Founder, Fairhead Creative
Over my career, I have used a number of vendors to manage community communication, never completely satisfied with the tools available, customer service, or a combination of both. I finally found the right combination of products and service when I tried Simplycast ... Firestorm has found a true partner in Simplycast. Thanks Simplycast, for understanding our need to put our clients first, and making it so easy to do so.
Karen Masullo, VP, Firestorm

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