Engage with your clients like you have a relationship with them.

Engage with your clients like you have a relationship with them

Discover why clients in over 150 countries trust SimplyCast.

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Complete Engagement Automation Automate and streamline all communication processes in your business
with the most comprehensive, all-in-one platform
Marketing Convert visitors to customers
and drive traffic to your website
Emergency Respond to emergencies and
direct operations from one platform
Sales Capture and nurture leads easily
while increasing productivity
Communication Reach your customers with
powerful, personalized content

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Convert your website visitors into leads at scale. Organize all information in a centralized system and automatically enter every lead in a sales cycle.

Automated Business Development Solution Use Case
Build and Maintain Relationships with Personalized Emails
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Automatically engage with every single lead in a highly personalized manner. Track engagement.

Personalized Alumni Communications
Connect With Guests After Events
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Set up a high-level nurturing plan for all leads. Automatically nurture them by sending multi-channel messages and boost your sales conversion rate.

Re-engage Prospects and Clients After Meetings
Identify Leads and Generate New Business Referrals
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Stay on top of your customers' minds by automatically sending them new features, products, or service updates.

Send Reminders for Events and Classes
Avoid No Shows for Appointments
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HD Supply
DeGroote School of Business
IWK Health Centre
University of Ottawa
University of Kings College
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Halifax Chamber of Commerce
Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia
College of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland & Labrador

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