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Coming in June – Version 8.7 of SimplyCast When it comes to marketing automation, success begins and ends with nurturing. Whether it is a lead, a prospect, a fan, a reader, a patient, a voter or even a Facebook follower. The point is, when you automate your communication, you want to fully understand how that person is interacting and whether the selected touchpoints are working. Sales teams in every industry want qualified leads that are ready to close. No, let’s go further. Sales teams are ready to offer up their first born for hot leads and nurtured prospects. So with that in mind, we knew that our 360 customer flow communication platform needed a true nerve center. It needed a living and breathing brain to manage, qualify and move new leads a long the pipeline as they say. We give you Version 8.7 of SimplyCast. The new release of SimplyCast’s application is all about nurturing. You have been asking for it, our staff has been dreaming of it, and now it is ready for the world. Once we push this out to all 175 countries we currently have clients in, here is what powerful tools you will have access to:

  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Sales Dashboard
  • CRM Integrations
  • Visual Reporting
  • Upgraded Multi-User Accounts
  • Interactive Demos
  • Easy Pricing

That is only the beginning. Stay tuned as we update this page daily with more feature upgrades, videos, tutorials, use cases, blog posts and more. Have a question? Reach out to our launch team at any time. You can also keep track of updates on Twitter by using #nurture360. From Our Customer Care Team We’ve been listening to the SimplyCaster comments and one of the big ones is the need for Lead Nurturing and Better Lead Management. We now have beefy new Contact Manager in the application. The application gives you access to options that allow you to drill down into the customer behaviors whether it is on your site or the messages they receive. Reports have gotten an overhaul. Subaccounts have received some attention. In-App Pop-up windows styled. Account Login and 8.7 Customer Conversion is also on the list. We can’t wait to show you.


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